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Guidelines--displaying your paintings on Member Gallery


To display paintings on the MPAS website in the Member Gallery,  you must be current on membership dues.   Send pictures of your painting to  Ensure you include your first and last name on your email so the Webpage Administrator can link your name to the pictures.  Don't just send pictures without your full name.  Provide the images in the format suggested below:  


  • Digital Images should be in JPEG format, by no later than the 15th of the month, for posting in next month's gallery.   If possible, image should be done in BASELINE Standard JPEG (*.jpg), maximum quality compression. Do not save as a Progressive JPEG.Color mode.  Save the image where the largest picture dimension (width or height) is 600 pixels.  Ensure your photos are not blurred or distorted.  


  • Paintings may be swapped out only once a month or you may display the same paintings all year long. Ensure you include your first and last name in your email and  provide, if you desire, each painting's dimensions, title and medium to be displayed.  If a painting is to be deleted, please specify which one.


  • You may also provide an Artist Statement.  The Artist Statement can be a few sentences about you, your painting and/or philosophy.  




  • The Web Admin will swap out photos only once a month.  For example, If you want your photos to appear in September's Member Gallery, submit photos by no later than the 15th of August.  The Web Admin will post photos on the website for display from the first to the last day of the month.  Pictures will not be changed out in the middle of the month.  

  • MPAS maintains the right to restrict posting of any art it deems inappropriate for family viewing.


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