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In order to foster interest in art and to enhance and challenge our member's artistic abilities, the Mount Pleasant Art Society


sponsors several events throughout the year.  Events include artist demonstration during monthly meetingsAnnual


Membership Art Show in March, and at least one or two workshops a year.   Members may dissplay their art work in the art


society building.  They may also display up to three paintings on the Member Gallery webpage.  


To access rules for entering the Annual Membership Art Show click on  



We also offer a monthly newsletter which features the following:


  • a brief article about the monthly guest artist                                          


  • information about scheduled workshops (if any)                                                           


  • date and time of each MPAS monthly meeting


  • brief summary of any significant activities held the previous month  



To connect to MPAS Newsletter




You can also print the newsletter  for reading later. 


Note:  To print the newsletter after opening it, point cursor to lower right hand side of the screen.  A print icon should appear along with other icons. Click the print icon and the newsletter should print from your local printer.  To exit the newsletter, close the page following your local screen procedures.


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